• Cafe Tartine

      Healthy and Tasty Smoked Salmon Salad at Cafe Tartine, French Cuisine in Bangkok.

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      Cafe Tartine
    • Cafe Tartine

      Delicious Desserts at Cafe Tartine. French Cuisine in Bangkok.

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      Cafe Tartine
    • Bamboo Restaurant

      Nana, Sukhumvit Soi 3, Bangkok.

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      Bamboo Restaurant
    • Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok

      Khao San Rd, Bangkok, Thailand.

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      Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant Bangkok
    • The Coffee Club

      The Coffee Club Australian Cafe/Restaurant Ekamai Babgkok

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      The Coffee Club
    • T&K Seafood Restaurant

      Fresh and delicious Chinese-Thai cuisine at T&K Seafood Restaurant, Yaowarat, Chinatown, Bangkok.

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      T&K Seafood Restaurant
    • T&K Seafood Restaurant

      Fresh BBQ Shrimps at T&K Seafood Restaurant, Chinatown, Bangkok.

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      T&K Seafood Restaurant
    • Somtam at Sukhumvit Soi 38

      Somtam at Sukhumvit Soi 38 Thai Street Food Vendors.

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      Somtam at Sukhumvit Soi 38
    • Snapper Restaurant

      Snapper Fish and Chips Restaurant

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      Snapper Restaurant
    • Wine Connection K Village

      Wine Connection Deli and Bistro, K Village, Sukhumvit Soi 26.

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      Wine Connection K Village
    • Shahrazad Middle Eastern Restaurant

      Shahrazad Middle Eastern Restaurant, Nana.

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      Shahrazad Middle Eastern Restaurant
    • Basilico

      Basilico Italian Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 20

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Bangkok Food Guide's Food And Drink Reviews

Welcome to BKK Food Guide, your guide where eat to the best food in Bangkok... Check out reviews on our favourite places to go for the most delicious Italian, French, Swiss,Greek, Mediterranean, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Mexican, Cajun, Argentinian, Brazilian, American, British, Irish, Australian and Thai cuisine in Bangkok.

  • Share Our Passion for Food

    Bangkok is continually voted as the one of the best cities in the world, our aim is to help you to make the most of you time here. We want to give you our knowledge of this fine city through our reviews and be considered the best food guide Bangkok has to offer. It's no secret that the city's restaurants, bars and street food vendors are one of the major reasons it ranks so highly amongst tourists, expats and Thai locals when it comes to cuisine.

    Boasting food from all over the world, restaurants and street vendors in Bangkok tailor to everyone's tastes and budgets. So no matter what your palate calls for, there's always an establishment ready to serve up your favorite dishes at extremely reasonable prices.

  • Enjoy Our Dining Experience

    From the lavish 5 star establishments all the way down to the cheapest street food vendors operating at the most awkward times, we're here to sample any dish that comes our way and share those experiences with our readers.

    We understand that not all dining experiences have to be 'silver service', sometimes we simply just need to eat. Nevertheless, we always want our food to taste great. For that reason BKK Food Guide aims to separate the overpriced establishments from the ones that serve up deliciously satisfying cuisine. Food in Bangkok never has to be boring, even on a small budget you can find some of the best food in the world. A good tip and this is global, eat where the locals do and you cant go wrong.

  • Voice Your Suggestions...

    As we all know, Bangkok is one heck of city. It's busy streets are home to some of the best restaurants and Thai cuisine in the world. You can find any kind of cuisine in Bangkok, food guides give you inside information to really enjoy your dining experiences.

    With so many places to eat and drink, cataloging every establishment in the city is a mammoth task. That's why we aim to review only the very best of places, and hopefully uncover some new ones in the process!

    If you'd like to see a food review of your favourite restaurants in Bangkok or even bars up on BKK Food Guide, please free feel to send us your suggestions via the Contact Page.

Authored by Dale

BKK Food Guide’s Featured Restaurants

A delightful place to eat delicious French cuisine at extremely reasonable prices. Located in Soi Ruamrudee just a short walk from Pleonchit BTS, Cafe Tartine’s mouthwatering food and friendly atmosphere always keeps us coming back for more.

Experience fresh seafood cooked just how you’d expect from a Fish and Chip shop in New Zealand or Australia. With reasonable servings at great prices, Snapper is a perfect place to eat when you’re missing a staple western favourite.

BKK Food Guide’s Featured Bars

Beervana is a company run by beer connoisseurs, for beer connoisseurs. Supplying Bangkok’s best bars, and Craft Club members, with door to door delivery and pop-up bars, Bangkokians can now finally enjoy the real taste of American beer and real ale.

Soi 8 Pub is one of the cheapest western-style pubs in Bangkok. Located just a minutes walk from Nana BTS, this New Zealand/Aus themed bar has a wide variety of lager, real ale, cider, spirits and cocktails. It’s also a great place to grab some filling pub grub.


BKK Food Guide’s Philosophy – “Everyone needs to eat, why not eat well?. We pride ourselves on sharing our food & drink reviews so you can get the best out of Bangkok.”

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